His heart was racing, made him breath as if in panic,

But he wore facade of calm on his face,

He was here at last! To attest his worth,

“I’m ready” he assured himself over and over


Finally the moment came…One, Two, Shot!

The race was on; he was among the first pool of racers,

He could smell their intoxicating desperation too,

They too, were hopelessly smitten to win


He stared ahead and welcomed all his dark shadows,

That had brought deep emotional chaos in his life,

They carried some kind of new energy that escalated him,

Now he was a bird, he thrummed through the twists and turns, shimmering


Filled with an insatiable thirst to heal all his brokenness, he thrust,

He was not alone; his dark shadows had proved to be his loyal friends,

They were deep and at his heart’s benign as he strode out with delight,

At the finish line they drained him all measure of self-pity and sadness









7 thoughts on “I’m Ready

  1. Doubts are always there but we can’t let them stop us! Sometimes anxiety gives us just the push we need to carry us over the finish line. Love this part: “They carried some kind of new energy that escalated him.” It is so true. Thanks for the poem, Aston! 🙂

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