Dangerously her heart was struggling, thumping,

She was a ghost moving slowly through her days,

All her senses had left her as if tired of her,

She was flooded and numbed by shame


The prospects of dying did not terrify her anymore,

In fact, the mare thought of it brought sweet relief,

It was raw, humiliating and the only wish at that moment,

It was a beautiful, creepy and wrenching daily dream


Naked, she glared up in that darkened sky to search for meaning,

But the lonely stars did not offer her any consolations,

They stood flat, dim and quiet like dead stones,

They only  reflected and intesified what she felt inside


Somehow all her wishes had rejected and humiliated her,

Her life had taken on a dull and ugly pattern,

And she idly searched for a new one in her life,

To finally connect with the forgotten feelings of living,

A process that was slow and almost impossible,

In her world, the whispers in the wind weakened and flattened her wings



8 thoughts on “Ashamed

    1. Its a cold and lonely world. No prospects of living at all. I just love poetry! Thanks Joan! Please place a request any topic of your choice. I will be happy to deliver a poem! Please don’t say NO!

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