I felt like a petal finally unshackled from a tangle of leaves,

Strands of sunshine felt like all heaven fulfilled,

Every moment felt both golden and glorious,

Little did I know it was all tease and deceit!


My blinded heart had been made blameless and soft,

It is as if it was all safe in the darkening labyrinth,

Was this that old boring pattern I once heard?

That love is blind?


I now feel little, too small to break the dewy mist of the grass,

I have been reduced like an ingredient in an old wise recipe,

My abandoned heart feels cold and too fragile,

Shuttered million times over coz of the deafening horror


All my senses are lost as I sit in a sea of petals,

The reality of things makes me shiver under the bright sun,

Too afraid but already armed to teeth for the onslaught of sympathy,

Though I wish I could curl the edges of my foolish heart away from searching eyes


Rage is fired up by the guilt that is lying under my black skin,

How could I be so wrong? How could I be so foolish?

No. This is only temporally. Nothing is permanent,

I want to cling tightly to these words that mattered now,

I conjure a smile…It is broken,

In my mind I waver between a bittersweet feeling…










6 thoughts on “A Foolish Heart

  1. Your imagery is so beautiful, so rich…forgive me for saying, but I want to remove the ‘felts’ and ‘feels’ and let the insistence in your words dominate: “I am a petal finally unshackled….strands of sunshine all heaven…” . Poetry is understood to be emotion without the prompting. Your words worthy of standing alone.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you for those very kind words! Everyday is an opportunity to learn and discover.With ab open heart, am grateful for that comment that will definitely shape my poetry to something grander. Couldn’t be happier!


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