I leaned on the truck of that naked tree; it felt so easy, so magical,

It was as gentle as a lover’s voice is late morning,

It faded away all chaos that rested in me and calmed my storm,

Is that how the naked tree felt? I had no inkling idea


The lazy sun was slowly breaking through the gray clouds,

As if stretching time for me to feel and reach out for the naked tree,

The naked tree harbored quiet secrets and powers,

I felt hints of wisdom as it stood in silence and loneliness


The naked tree washed away all unnecessary worries of my heart,

As I yearned to project my own reality to the gray and ungiving world,

To feel and bath in a life faithful to own self,

The naked tree opened new strength, freedom and sublimity


I closed my eyes as I felt brief twists of cold breeze hit me,

Accompanied by sudden attack of mysterious cheerfulness,

The naked tree possessed easy magic in its own place,

It had traversed many histories with this knowledge of truth


The absence of leaves stuck so intensely with a piecing sharpness,

It seemed as if it led a sad, old and detached life,

But all these feelings seemed deceptive and blinding,

For the naked tree stood alone, proud and definite

I wished to turn and make myself like the naked tree












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