I made suspicious paces towards the neglected path,

Of a dense network all consuming trees and elms

They stood together with eyes that hinted worry and charm,

It was as if they knew my story but had not grasped the whole of it


As I got deeper into the woods I was hit by brief twists of comfort,

Fading the thicket of horror that had filled my tired body,

I couldn’t afford to overlook the glowing sign in my darkness,

That sweet relief was too heavy for it brought tears to my eyes


I wanted to plead and cry out for help to Mother Nature,

To be my comforting angel in this lonely hour that possessed hidden meaning,

I lost all sense of self-preservation as I approached animals of the wild,

They seemed to be lost in a midnight bath oblivious of my presence


I watched the discreet floating air that flickered between us,

It carried with it glorious dancing shadows of unheard rhythm,

A celebration of an exuberant life that squirmed with pleasure,

I had to turn up my thoughts inside out in the hands of Mother Nature


The animals of the wild submitted with palatable pleasure with a soft growl,

That was dominated with possessions to their hard instincts,

I was besieged by equal binding trust that was not spelled out in us,

I felt safe in the dark that was descending upon all that was living,

As I let go all that chained and tethered my lithe spirit












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