The present cannot be extended only lived,

Abandoned dreams seem to tighten the air around,

Those that made her heart heave with heavy expectation,

For what would her future be? Without those dreams?


They dwelled deep in the depths of her heart,

They were insistence and stubborn not to be ignored,

They conjured the moment to be a haunting image,

Everything else seemed misleading and wallowing


All her activities seemed to be pointing towards her vanity,

She felt plain and clumsy not walking through those dreams,

The air seemed all suspicious as if judging her,

She knew that she had to drop all her resistance and try


She broke that deep half ironic, lunatic silence that was suffocating,

This unfathomable darkness was going to be her light,

All uncertainty that blinded her eyes was going to be her certainty,

After all, they were her dreams, her own precious possessions,

Her present was going to be colored with heavy expectations,

Like the delicious petals that quivered with pride in the cold breeze









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