It was an early and thin drizzle that accompanied that morning,

My beginning seemed already here, all hope fulfilled,

Of all the shadowy concept of youth that lay inside me,

With a benign smile that washed away all delusional feelings


At that moment I felt a sudden and faint glow,

That had overgrown the annoying air of silly mysteries,

I had to wave goodbye to all sucking aspirations,

I wanted a simple life that floated easily through the air around me


In that still and quiet morning I waited with a bated breath,

For the thin flickering yellow strands of light that struggled through the clouds,

That I may bath in the blinding sunlight that could be more generous,

For my first of absolute and fleeting moment of happiness


A promising and glorious clear cloudless skies is all I longed, needed,

That has all black knowledge that could burn away all unawareness,

Birds thrumming through the skies danced to their songs,

And the black shouting flowers unshackled through the leaves of trees,

I tentatively swallowed the lamp of ecstasy that welled inside me,

I knew that the presence of present things was indeed sight and I was there…





6 thoughts on “Simple Beginning

    1. Oh! So happy to hear from you Joan! We gotta be there to experience the present…most of the times we tend to miss out not recognising that our presence is all that counts! Always a delight hearing from you!

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