Collection of hundreds of Free Inspiring Quotes from all over the world.
Collection of hundreds of Free Inspiring Quotes from all over the world.

Happiness is just but a suspicious fleeting feeling,

A seduction of false misconception of all things,

That frets with a simple touch of chaos,

A stabbing reality that brings a strange order


It is the neglected path that brings new eyes to how wrong things are,

A path that conveys a sense of loss and of desperate longing,

It is the path of recognition of vows not kept and of lost promises,

A path of defenselessness that suffocates under the sickly sweet despair


Happiness is the desperate longing of a different kind of life,

A life that is full of adoration colored by a utopian of all sorts,

A life that seeks to make meaning in a different and diversified ways,

A life that is met with cold cruel eyes as old as time itself


Love is tender and clear in its own wave of strangeness,

It is the unrestricted rhythm and the voice of the heart,

That has the power of a storm and of gale that overwhelms,

It is bright and strong as the afternoon sunshine,

The universal impulse that cuts through hate, chaos and time



10 thoughts on “Miseries of Happiness

    1. Pursuit of happiness can be one interesting journey! Am glad to have you visit Joan, Orlando tragedy got me thinking about what happiness is all about. So heart breaking that some people still spew hate on others..

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Love is the strongest emotion that ever existed, its the answer to many mysteries that we seek! Am so happy for having you visit my blog and for the warm comment! Welcome back!


    1. Thank you Chevvy. I am really held up with work lately and i can’t say i feel complete. I miss blogging, I miss writing poetry and i miss all of you! Thanks for checking on me Chevvy. Always a kind reminder that i am missed. Hope you are doing okay and hope to join you soon!

      Liked by 1 person

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