Time stopped his heart to feel what he had missed

at 20 years, his handsome features were his prized possessions

such was that beauty that made heads turn as if witnessing a new dawn

he was reckless, never knew how and when to hesitate or run away from danger.


At 30, dusk was descending on the edge the impatient time

he had to discover new powers and new secrets that would shield him

had to make his scars and wounds invisible along with protecting his sanity

he sought all strength to survive in this world where many die of thirst unfulfilled.


At 40 he never stopped to listen to all the sounds and rhythms of the heart

had been careful to remain faithful and project his own reality

the dollar brought flowers and he enjoyed the delicious power of masculinity

and he understood the unrefined language of his heart’s meaning.


At 50 he grandly sang of his infallible existence as part of creation

life was full and his life had surely taken precedence over history

time had surely proved to be a test of suffering and trouble

but now, he felt trapped in this amber of redeeming his own spirituality.








5 thoughts on “Test of Trouble

    1. Am so glad that you found this piece relevant, thought I explore my expectations and see where I stand…Poetry opens up that inner eye where infinitive wisdom lies. I appreciate and value your feedback as always! Wishing you a great weekend Joan!

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