In that consuming loneliness, I longed for the comforting angel,

For she was the only one who could see through the windows of my soul,

She possess all the knowledge of care with a protective balm,

At that moment, my life felt bound both in hand and foot


The darkened sky was filled with heavily pregnant clouds,

I longed to be enveloped in it and get cleansed in the promising rain,

It was a wish that seemed too devoutly to be wished at that moment,

To wash away all the torment and torture that my frail skin felt


I longed to feel that serene touch that was filled with all grace,

To torch away all the horror that my eyes had seen and felt,

The deafening chorus of homeless birds finally announced its arrival,

I was engulfed by an instant yet intense spell that stopped time


The voices in my head urged me to stay longer and feel the rain,

As I felt thin and light drizzles touch then cooling my hungry skin,

Oh! The comforting angel must have heard my desperate calling,

I surrendered all my heart, body and soul to the warm generous rain,

Oh! Life definitely had its golden moments and this was one of them!




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