If you were an art, an artistic creation, what would you be?

Aston kamunde


This inevitable pattern is coloured by a mysterious aura,

To most, it is the trapping web where the condemned are chained,

A vain struggle that is circled with dark certainties,

In it, retreating and turning back is almost impossible

These thoughts penetrated deeper and deeper into my mind,

While brief strokes of sunlight accompanied by warm breeze washed my face,

Vanishing all the pale plain colours clogged on my struggling skin,

From the ill-starred and dismal destiny that was beckoning

I tried to make heads or tails of this threatening, throbbing one question,

If I was an art, an artistic creation…..what would I be?

Would I be an easy sweet lying piece of poem?

Would I be a beautiful sad song from an old recording?

Would I be a pious painting that accompanied travellers of hypocrisy?

Or would I be a piece of sculpture that demanded and inspired respect?


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2 thoughts on “One Question

  1. Love this, K. And your answer at the end–all! I think I would be a handmade wool sweater: a practical kind of beautiful, warm and cozy, always ready to wrap the wearer in a big hug. Or a story passed down from generation to generation. Have a great Sunday! 🙂

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