Tonight I will wait patiently for the clear promising sky

for the falling star, to make a wish yet again

the white moon and frozen stars will be my faithful witnesses

where Art Thou? Please answer the calls of my heart!


I am a dreamer and a believer in endless love

a dreamer of all the things that we could be, could share

am all human and I need love, I need to be loved even more

where Art Thou? Am tired of counting the stars alone!


The Silly and sometimes annoying games of love are lacking

in my plain life but i need to change this and more

I’ll drop all my resistance and open my heart for you

where Art Thou? There is so much adventure for us to see, to explore!


I will wait in this all consuming night full of hope

to feel and taste the freedom, the burden and pain of love

and share a lifetime moment full of innocence and time

where Art Thou? Please see through the windows of my soul!


We can make time stand still as we give each other endlessly

that which is enough in under the storms and the still skies

Undiluted love to restore order and pride in our chaotic existence

where Art Thou? With perfect humility, am down on my knees and hands!


With the graying hair on our heads, our nights will forever remain young

as we explore our intimacy under the golden horizons in our sunset days

to feel warm embrace from the love that shields and keeps us safe

Where Art Thou? All my senses merge when I feel my affection for you!





11 thoughts on “Where Art Thou?

  1. You are such a romantic, Aston. I like the repetition of “Where Art Thou?” like in Romeo and Juliet. The right one is out there waiting for you, looking up at the stars and tired of counting them alone 🙂

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  2. This is a beautiful poem Kamunde and just the dreamer I was talking about. I always think that when you throw things out into the universe, you will attract that which seems to be elusive. But I know that when you are a dreamer , that special brand of love is not sitting on the shelves in the shops. I wonder sometimes if it’s even attainable in the ideal ways we write about😀

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    1. Sometimes dreams is all we get to have! I also do wish that whatever dreams we tend to write really existed. But yet again, we normally write about our idyllic lives and world…an illusion perhaps? Thanks Chevvy! Glad to have you here!

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      1. The most important product of writing is the end result. That exhilarating and beautiful feeling that can never be put in words! We write about that world that should be! Wish you an awe-inspiring weekend too

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