I was compelled to flitter around the fresh optimistic stones,

That appeared suspicious yet safeguarded as if braced,

Of the possibility of excursion which is utterly despairing,

Appeared forgotten by everyone and noticed by no one but me


As I set quietly through the lovely dark winding woods,

That seemed to brew a sense of poignant yet inexplicable mystery,

Nothing seemed to penetrate through my tired mind,

As I let the dark woods embrace me from the world that is ungainly at showing love


My mind was filled with incomprehensible images with a flickering sequence,

Those images that instantly seemed to provoke tears for no reason,

It felt like a moment that my enigma seemed to take charge,

I was alone in the woods; there was neither reason nor rhyme not to let it


The woods had a flattering pinch of love that was consuming,

This that strangely made my lithe spirit more free and open,

I felt part of the steam of time amongst everything that surrounded me,

Breathing the purest, undiluted air of self-possession….






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