Thin blades of sunshine cut through layers of mists,

Bringing a strange sort of glow with traces of sympathy,

As I sat engrossed in my orgy of palatable solitude,

Where urgent, varied thoughts seemed to whirl my brain


This was a penultimate moment of groping through my gone days,

As I let my thoughts drag me in this unmapped journey,

All those thoughts made me remember the delights and pains of life,

Every one of them that made me who I am NOW


Time seemed to stand still for my sweet reflections,

As I discovered familiar pattern in my days,

That mysteriously piloted me in the same inexorable direction,

Of the fact that life offers no favors and no one should expect either


Nothing is permanent, as most are coincidental, obscure or transient,

That unexpected always happen in the wake of time,

As I watched a healthy branch sprouting from a sickly dying tree,

I tried to conjure up my mind’s eye process of this unfamiliar sight,

The images were crystal clear and well lit with understanding









10 thoughts on “Sweet Reflections

  1. “…remember the delights and pains of life,
    Every one of them that made me who I am NOW”
    Great lines, Aston. Every experience makes us who we are, not just the good or happy ones. Have a great Monday! 🙂

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  2. Hi Kamunde, hope you’ve had a good day. I spent some of my time in solitude today and just connecting with nature. It is just so good to that. It’s true that many thing are not permanent or are transient. I like to think that every experience, even if brief is a building block to something else and sometimes the most transient things are the most significant 🙂 Just sharing my reflections on your poem:-)

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    1. Sorry that I took time to reply. You are on point, every experience is very significant to our lives. I like to think that there exists a pattern for every one. Everything is interconnected. Thanks so much for that wonderful comment. Have a great day!

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  3. The last stanza was unexpected, and like the whole poem, beautiful. Made me think that there are two kinds of solitude. There’s the one of self-pity you sometimes find yourself in, and there’s one that allows you to finally understand something about yourself. Thanks for this 🙂

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    1. Definitely very true! Solitude should be a time of getting deep inside our souls and discovering the powers and secrets that we hold! I am so glad that you visited and for leaving such a warm feedback! Thanks!

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