I thought it was the first and last day,

In that cold evening whose silence was screaming

A thin mist of air hung over all around the air around me,

The only sign of life was the bird that swooped over the darkening sky


It felt like a sudden realization of the world’s real dimensions,

As I stood there for a moment to feel the moment of vertigo,

A delicate smell of beautifully arranged black roses crept up to me,

The scent so sweet wafted tentatively and slowly to my hungry nostrils


This felt like a brief moment with no space and only stretched time,

I wanted to feel and taste all my burdens and the pain that heaved in me,

I also wanted to feel every taste of freedom as every pain faded away,

My feelings and my life felt like was in a state of timeless inertia


I faintly was among those who colored innocence and time,

To the face of the cold world that is gray and empty,

I could see the sky turning darker above the proud oak trees,

I wanted to feel this way every day in my mind’s eye,

A vision that was carried faithfully to me by the warm breezes…



10 thoughts on “Timeless Inertia

  1. Sometimes that call to timeless inertia must be heeded – taking back that foetal position for a while until the soul is mended and ready to face the world again. It’s not always easy – I know 🙂

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    1. Absolutely, am sure you get the intensity of the poem through the emotions. Sometimes to move forward, we must attack the demons in us. But again it depends on how one does that… Right? Thanks Chevvy!

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      1. I’ve written a lot of poetry this past year and my inspiration comes from various places but ultimately, you are tapping into your subconscious mind to and this is where you confront things you might not have been aware of. So there is a therapy in writing. You can feel better just through catharsis, through other people enriching your perspectives and through self discovery of where to improve. So in short, I agree that it is a good vehicle:-)

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      2. That famous quote about being faithful to that which lives from within, actually applies in my life every time I write a poem. Because in the end I marvel at what I’ve written because somehow it has answers to that which I frantically seek. This means that we are always more than we think we are ultimately..

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