Aston kamunde


The sky was plated in black clouds, bearded and blind,
As if it reflected of what she felt in her now dark and empty soul,
She panicked at the scathing and piecing memory of her child,
The meaning of that loss was an equation that could never be solved

In the meadows she maintained an uncoordinated walk,
There were no trees, only a few struggling weeds and grass,
She dropped to her knees because she felt too weak to walk,
She went down to her hands and feet all in fours,
She didn’t seem to have the strength to crawl either…

Tears seemed inadequate expression of her loss,
She freed those emotions that she had husbanded for many years,
She stared up in heaven as if to get answers to her quivering questions,
The one why and the a thousand what if’s seemed to tear her apart

She reeled in…

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