One day life will take priority over history,

When all things will raise their heads to witness,

A new dawn free from pride customs and ethical standards,

Sweet melodies of organic language of true nature


Today, change is happening moment after moment,

Freeing from the blind faith of words that chained,

From a world full of lies and ignorant appeasement,

That denies the trees the joy of embracing their promise of future


One day, palls of sorrows will weigh less on their shoulders,

Letting them fly, explore, weave and identify their revelations,

To be uncannily humans in their refinements and lacking of the worst human faults,

Free from the self blinded contended experts who are unaware of their own mortality


One day, they will be able to project their own reality and illusions,

For how hurtful it can be, to fail to respect one’s born dignity,

For it is better in prayer to have a heart without words,

Than have a thousand words without a heart








7 thoughts on “One Day

  1. This is so beautifully written Kamunde even though I pick up in your tone the disdain for those wise folk who do not understand or appreciate art. Who would we all be if we did not dare to dream. We instead must all take our cues from our dreams and glorious universe out here. Have a wonderful Sunday! Best. Chevvy

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    1. Sorry for my late response Chevvy. I am taking a short break but will try as much as possible to show up. Thanks for those complementing words, that poem was for the voiceless and those segregated by the society for one reason or the other. We have a role to encourage inclusiveness as well as equality to the human race. I really hope you are doing great Chevvy! My Kindest regards

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