Down in the hungry grasping greedy darkness,

Down to the hungry and urgent animal dark,

He was overwhelmed with the abyss of memories,

That he needed to unburden himself before the twilight


The sky was covered by the stars and the icy moon,

The beautiful blue moon compelled attention from his being,

But it seemed to be transmitting vibrations of a punishing world,

He glared at the moon with eyes sharp enough to cut it into two


He seemed to have been taken outside the hands of time,

Shadows quickly appeared and disappeared all at once,

The spongy wind was softly escalating from gust to gale,

Then suddenly the sky appeared black and evil as a dragon’s egg


Scraps of torn lifeless leaves fell from the shaken trees,

The blind and concealing night offered but a small refuge,

From the rejected values battered by the sudden insanity and chaos,

For the cold world always turns again and changes in dismay


His heart was as colorless it felt cold and plain like concrete,

He felt as if the whole world was closing on him and sinking him deeper,

He raised his eyes towards the majestic oak tree that rippled with a flow,

As if begging it to bring heaven on his side of impending death,

A key moment was happening at that creaking and screaming gloom








4 thoughts on “A Key Moment

    1. Its Afternoon here in Kenya! We share the same continent. Well, i am not really sad. I just enjoy to right about pain. I think pain is real and there are no amount of words to really describe it. Thank you for always checking on me Chevvy! All my regards!

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