Breathing the crisps air that heralds the unseen,

It carries a sense of quietness that aroused my creativity,

As I watch over all around me like a hawk searching for prey,

To taste my appreciation to the soft petals quivering in the cold breeze


The trees stood there as grim as mourners with a sense of inferiority,

They seemed to be attuned to something silent and invincible,

Yet so powerful that it made them stand alone each in its own pious world,

Acknowledging the deep dark mysteries that shadowed this world


I stood tall and stiff with vague expectation of the unseen,

The more I dismissed my feelings the more they were stirred by flashing signs,

Daylight began failing and the gust of cold arctic air hit my skin,

My spirit was strangely heightened by that piercing cold


Above the lone trees I saw a lonely sad bird flying away,

It had a black head that was complimented with ends of its black wings,

Its breasts was covered with bright red and green with a sense of vivacity,

An afterimage of a simple, innocent melody overwhelmed my wet eyes


I felt already dead to any truth that ceased to exist any more,

Of lies, faithlessness and of vows taken with a stifled cruel laugh,

All pressure and fear subsided with the day’s dying light,

As I resigned to the fact that the levels of hell can’t go deep enough







8 thoughts on “Sad Bird

  1. Hi Kamunde, how are you doing? You once said that dark poems give you a thrill. Somehow this poem speaks of such heavy sadness. Is that you? I hope the sun is shining on your day. Best. Chevvy🌻🌻🌻

    Liked by 1 person

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