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The night was young and promising,

The full moon hovered over my head so dazzlingly,

Like a white stone, it was glowing with wisdom,

It calmed all my senses from brooding about doom in my life


I started to feel heavy and vague anxiety was creeping all over my body,

It was as vague and explicit as what I read on the daily horoscope,

It had rhythms of emotional discomfort and unfocused guilt,

I fought that feeling coz I knew I was capable of producing guilt from anything


I knew the stress of worrying about zilch will be certain cause of troubles,

Instead, I took the time to review all the events of the day,

Like spiritual discovery, thoughts seemed to flash through my mind,

The night was welcoming and as quiet as a lake lapping through the shore


Taking the storm windows of my soul, I felt too exhausted,

Exhausted from an entire day devoted to doing nothing,

That felt as embarrassing as watching myself drunk from a family gathering,

Anyway, I grasped that moment of release which felt like a warm embrace


With eyes as clear and as soft as an innocent child,

I gazed up the sky, like a sinful soul seeking forgiveness,

I wanted to make a date with destiny, only this once in my life,

That was my mantra; to make promises and have a hopeful life,

It was a little insane but it felt duly necessary at that point in time

I knew that if it didn’t work in a fantasy, then I sure should forget about the reality






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