When I saw her at first, my gaze was more steadier and focused on her eyes,
Her eyes seemed both sharp and beautiful, like an animal from the wild,
I saw refinement and also hurt in those eyes, which shone under the clear moon,
But desperate terror seemed to overwhelm them as if she was in pain

Steely eyed, she glared at me with intense pain as if to plea with me,
I saw spasms rippling through her entire body as she wept silently,
I held out my hand ready and willing to seize the moment and just hold her,
But sobbing, she faded into the specter as transparently as gauze

She had traversed many centuries and many histories to come searching,
The day she arrived, the sky was gray with fine mists sitting through the clouds,
Standing stonily, the frail shadows closed on her as an ocean to a sunken ship,
Night birds drifted through the air as if they were looking for their lost mates

She wanted to feel love and be loved, only once in her entire existence,
To end the sadness that had marked her life like a sheath in a cemetery,
Little did she know that giving or accepting love comes with paying a price,
It shone on her just the way the sun gleams on an ice before destroying it,
The world had rejected her with cruel pleasure in its eyes

I search for the angel with the broken wings with intent to show affection,
Pulsing like an electric current, my blood heats inside my veins,
Have you seen her? Please if you do, don’t cry…please don’t feel sorry,
Don’t rain pity on her, it flickered and killed her spirit a million times over,
When you see her, please don’t tell me…just smile with pure undiluted love



11 thoughts on “Angel with the Broken Wings

    1. This, i can finally say is my most heart felt piece…I so plead to the world to love anyone who’s deemed different. Everybody deserves love…its universal. I’ve missed you! You good?

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