The night sounds were returning tentatively,
And blackness lay behind the moon and the stars,
The air carried a subtle new energy,
Of a ghost town endowed with haunted love

The shadows of oak trees steadily inked towards the night whispers,
They seemed as though they were weary from heavy sympathy,
It seemed as though there was light in darkness,
It was a false but a welcome assumption to safety

Along the long lonely road lay a dark creature,
It was a beetle that was laying on its back struggling for dear life,
As ants relentlessly and mercilessly sucked from its leakage
Then a rat suddenly scarred up the bole of unseen phoenix palm,

Skepticism crept over the now brooding silence,
In the dark, deep, direct shadows that lurked in every corner,
It was a meaningless and dark-comic nature of life,
As today won’t hold any meaning that can change tomorrow,
Tomorrow that is guaranteed a higher order of fantasies fulfilled


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