She woke up abruptly breath caught in her throat,
This was the third or fourth time that she’d had that dream,
A dream that was filled with sounds of wings thrumming,
Any sign to the meaning of that dream seemed to matter more than ever

The night whistled then started whispering sounding soft and low,
The whispers were sluggish at fast then began sounding fast,
It felt though the anomalous shadows were creeping and leering at her,
Emotions of fear tied a knot in her throat; she swore she heard her name

Death sounded easier at that moment, more than living,
The realization of that meaning was mortifying, frightening and vivid,
With the gray, mourning clouds smeared across the sky,
She knew her end was coming…and the darkened night was enveloping her!

Omens seemed scattered extravagantly throughout her life,
The pain was so fierce and furious that she slip into a neutral state
A gust of arctic air hit her motionless and numb body,
She didn’t care anymore even if that fact diminished her from this world

She was simply drained and exhausted from that ringbolt that tethered her life,
Thirst began filling her body, more than what life had rained her,
She hoped to start again, a fresh start to a new wholesomeness,
And just like a phoenix, she gained new strength in her darkest moment,
Appetite was so overwhelming and intense that it filled her empty soul,
She trusted her phoenix intuitions explicably that came from deep within



12 thoughts on “The Phoenix Moment

  1. “Death sounded easier at that moment, more than living” jumped out at me. I experienced this but not in a dream, I was onstage at my first open mike! Luckily my tongue untied itself and the Phoenix rose from the Ashes. Whew!!

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