versatile award

A couple of months ago I was nominated for a versatile blogger award by Little Sunshine. She is an amazing person who just steered my passion of writing. She also writes amazing stuff on real and exciting issues that we face every day as well as sharing great recipe on exotic foods. Please do visit her blog, I do promise that you will be amazed. It’s great to have a platform where we can exchange ideas and in the process make our lives more exciting! You can visit her blog. Now back to the blogger award, I am so humbled. Being my first time for the nomination it’s just a great deal (That explains why am late to respond).

Am supposed to write down 7 things about myself then I list down my nominees.
1. I am deeply emotive and empathetic but also cautious person (This explains the nature of my poetry).
2. I love writing, it’s my life! Literally!
3. I love music, soft rock, country and any deep instrumental-based music anytime!
4. When asked about favorite color I always say “green” when in fact it is black! (I don’t know why I lie to myself and the world about it, don’t even own any outfit in green!)
5. Love my life, spicy food, meeting inspiring friends as well as engaging in deeply exhilarating activities.
6. I love dancing a lot. Uncoordinated I may, but I make sure I give my best to any good song.
7. I am always ready and eager to try new things, free spirited, liberated and a risk taker.
And now my nominees;
Chevv’y Studio
This Is My Life
Br. Andrew’s Muses
Just Joan 42
Cristian Mihai
Manan Unleashed
Annie’s Poetry
Haiku out of Africa
Well I nominated each of you because you have contributed immensely in my world of writing and you have amazing stuff going on in your blogs! P.S Just follow that simple process!
Thanks and good luck!


22 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award!

  1. Hello Kamunde and hope you are well. Congratulations on your nomination and its always good to know more about our Blogger friends. Glad to know more about the person behind the blog:-) Thank you so much for the recognition you’ve bestowed upon me. I am tending towards an “awards free blog” for now .I’m still finding my feet this year. But I remain very honored that you have included me and I remain a great fan of your work. Have an awesome day! Chevvy

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    1. WoW! Thanks Chevvy! Always glad to know that there are great people like you out there! The nomination can be on hold until you are ready! Thanks again for inspiring me to love what I do!

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