Love Changes Everything..Doesn’t It?

Aston kamunde

colours of love

It is the chase of all childish dreams,
It is endowed with the most delicious perfume,
Forbidden it may but strangely compelling,
It is the instantaneous choice between two evils,

It is the blind leading passion to a dark world,
Churning so heavy like a ship in a storm,
The battle so intense it becomes a duty,
Waiting to be cooled by a single touch

It lives in the secret place no one knows,
It uses the rare moment of surprise,
Everybody is entitled to love and be loved
A single touch to the heart provokes distorted visage,

With caution eyes are looking, searching,
To find the missing words in the puzzle
The words that claim a reconnection,
That locks the pattern so indomitable,

It opens all the superficial denials,
All mazes of hypocrisy of the moment,
Creating a confused vagrant heart,
Who is happy to surrender to its allure!

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10 thoughts on “Colors of Love

    1. That is the beauty and splendor we get from writing! It opens our inner eyes to see who we really are! As always, its a pleasure getting your feedback! Much Regards!


      1. Absolutely! Now that made my is for the living, makes clear sense now. Its like embracing all the colors of the rainbow…swimming and riding deep in the rainbow. Enjoy your weekend Chevvy8!

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