Love never drys..

Aston kamunde

scary nature
I now reproach from the inner war,
That feels like a storm, a gale
Crammed with deathly lightening,
Making my heart unable to escape the damage

Unable to control my emotions and sensibility,
From the unutterable pain that pervades through my heart,
Unashamedly shading tears from the litany of lies,
That leaves my face with a shell shocked reality

The litany of lies had colored my world,
Fantasies had turned it into cloud nine,
It was a constant battling illusion,
That naturally rode me on top of the world

I desperately seek words of comfort,
Those that have escaped my imagination,
My broken heart falling into paralysis,
Of a fiasco, a ruin that I have become
In a dark world endowed with loneliness and stabbing silence

I will hang around for a universal impulse,
Raise my head and wait for a new dawn,
Witness the sky bring me new splendor…

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5 thoughts on “My Broken Heart

      1. me crazy but i believe everything happens for a reason. Everyone has his/he own unique pattern in this life…all events(good, bad, ugly, beautiful, hurtful, sorrows, joys) ultimately if embraced positively, leads to happiness.

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