Do you hate your flaws?

Aston kamunde

My dark subtle flaws hold a story,
A story that makes my skin crawl,
A story that seems never ending,
A story synonymous to my superficial denials,
Of what my windfall represents,
An experience beyond dreaming,

My flaws attract instant snares and glares,
Eyes blazing and teeth barring,
Instinctively alerting all my senses,
To the indescribable pain of fear,
Of a demonic fury that may befall me,
Waves of panic cruising through my entire body,

I wish I could forget them like two lovers do,
When lost in the passion of the moment,
Touching, twisting, turning, pressing and panting
Oblivious of anything but their bodies,
Riding around the world an being everywhere all at once,
With the world momentarily being their loyal accomplice,

But I refuse to let my flaws make me a pariah,
From a world that hunts me,
From memories that haunt me,
I will wear and sample…

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2 thoughts on “My frail flaws

  1. I am trying to write a fictional story and choosing the protagonist’s flaw is where I’m stuck. I feel exposed, like everyone will know the protagonist is actually me. Wish I could wear and sample them all, to be able to write about them convincingly.

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    1. Well if i could suggest i will advice that you paint the protagonist with long and lengthening shadows of flaws that seem to cause reproach from his own soul as much as it does to the reader. That the reader eventually loses hope in him/her but unexpected happens as the book unfolds and he/she regains him/herself. Well…my view. An honor knowing you want to know what i think!


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