Time was never guided by rules since the day they met,
Neither does it stop, but it stopped their hearts to feel for each other,
Theirs is a trapped amber of a moment, of a stagnant peace
Their hearts grandly singing sweet melodies of love

So strong, that they lost all discipline of their emotions and sensibility,
Even in death, their love chains and bonds them together,
With a language of pulse, blood and of last whispers,
Passing away is no respect to their oneness

The outer world seemed gray and empty,
Filled with strange sounds of a chaotic quality,
But they seemed lost in their own, their minds filled with such reverie,
That had an immense, peaceful yet humbling power

In death, the sun could no longer tease a true shine,
It only contained a soft gray luster that they longer needed,
They had refuge for one another and they never needed wings,
The dry weeds in the fractured earth whispered to them,
That โ€œEven in death, their inspiration had more than seized themโ€



22 thoughts on “Even in Death

      1. I think that love is one thing that is supposed to be perfect in this world..would you agree? Thanks Melinda and Chevvy Such a honor having you having a conversation out of this!

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      2. I wish love were perfect in this world. I have never found such a perfect love but that doesn’t mean it isn’t out there. It just means I haven’t found it. I hope I will someday but as the days pile and imperfect loves with them, it becomes harder to hold on to that hope. You’re welcome! ‘Twas a pleasure discussing your poem and making a new acquaintance!


      3. I think that love has to be perfect within yourself. Embracing everything you are; perfections and glorious mess. I think that’s true love and after that…somebody might just come along. You don’t have to push yourself too hard, just be. Thanks Melisa and am so elated you met my very good and supportive friend Chevvy! All my regards!

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      4. Damn! My bad! I guess i get too excited whenever i get your feedback..won’t happen again Melinda. And please don’t struggle….no supposed to. Read one of my article “Colors of Love”. Then probably you’ll have a new perspective.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Okay, please know its always a pleasure having you visit and especially your kind words. Good luck in all you do and hope you’ll enjoy reading it, as much as i did in writing it.

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