The fitful breeze caressed my bruised body,
And a funnel of dead leaves spun across the street,
They in fact seemed earth bound just like me,
Deeply rooted in a black hole of chaos

The more I tried to understand, the more I got lost,
All good memory had been bleached pale by recent events,
I could not speak as my mouth had gone soft with self-pity,
My heart conveyed a sense of loss and of longing

They say wisdom is born in the deepest part of the heart,
But mine was filled with the ultimate hunger of a black widow,
Always in search for that penultimate moment to squeeze out all pain,
Sleep deprivation had melted the edge off my balance

This old spell had landed me in an unknown place,
My eyes seemed bewildered and exhausted as if I’d been walking a thousand journeys,
The hills rose to the east and descended to the west,
Swallowing the golden sun’s glare beneath their meadow,
And I knew there is no looking back, there is always a way forward


9 thoughts on “Aged Sorrow

  1. Hello Kamunde, What a beautiful poem, how touching in its imagery but also how heart wrenching and tragic somehow – makes me want to cry. I am glad to see the promise of the last line. It is the only way – to look forward. Warmest greetings on a rainy day here🌅 Chevvy

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    1. Thank you Chevvy and glad to see you! I actually wrote this poem with all my heart, i guess it is the only way that am able to embrace my emotions at that point in time. It is indeed a sad poem and an ideal read for anyone who is sad and wishes to let out. (Chevvy, i nominated you for an award, kindly visit my previous article. Had trouble tagging your blog)

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      1. I think it is brilliant writing when you can move your readers to feel the emotion with you and better still if you feel relief or elation after writing. But I hope you are smiling now:-) I am on another short break from my blog but, I’ll check out the award. Take care my friend. Chevvy

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you for the complement. You can be sure the whole point of writing is to feel better by adding a sunny bright smile to my day. Take care too and my regards in all you do!

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