The vague leaf shadows trembled in the darkened night,
The sky appeared to be plain as if dead,
The silvered moon had become a broadsword stiletto,
Beneath the blinding darkened clouds that seemed sluggish

The air around me nearly suffocated me with a stench of fear,
The rhythm of the night reducing to a whisper, then silence
The abnormal shadows stood all around me like mourners,
Guiding every pace that I made as if escorting a sinful soul

I remained hush in the pool of silence and blackness,
My heart running, fast, then relaxed as if drained,
I knew I had to make peace with my blackened hole,
Darkness was fading all sounds of misery like a pale vision of a moment,

Brief twists of cold breezes flowed softly but cold like a sad song,
But I submitted to the invitation with a palpable pleasure,
This night was charming, dark and deep…………………
In my darkened peace I feigned my wholesomeness,
Until a thin blade of light stabbed in front of me


15 thoughts on “My Darkened Peace

  1. I love this line “This night was charming, dark and deep.” Quiet your fear and even shadowy, scary, cold places can be beautiful. I often see this amazing beauty in a violent thunderstorm or when I walk my dog at night.

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