Am feeling alive again in the brightened room of my mind,
Am not trapped in the darkest corners of my memory,
The room is filled with a pool of silence,
Silence that is full of freedom and unseen strength

I long for the hilltop trees spread across the sky,
Their long shadows lengthening down the inclined meadows,
As a single thread of sunshine ignites my passion to live,
I flinch as if from a lover’s touch…inexplicably surrendering

Enthusiasm lifts my heart to an irresistible delight,
I ignore and suspect the tyranny of time,
I also have tested its cruelty,
But it has only made me a wizened sailor of a thousand journeys

An explicable exhilaration seem to overcome me,
I feel like am in a brink of revelation this fleeting moment,
In my mind’s eye it remains as vivid as a fine photograph,
The shimmering ray seems deceiving to my surreal morning,
But am also pregnant with expectation that crack and crackle will come soon


7 thoughts on “My Mind’s Eye

  1. Yes! Yes! I can see your single thread of sunshine at work. Makes me wish I could write a rejoinder to this state of blissful surrender to freedom, joy, nature and time even when it can be tyrannical. A simply delicious and uplifting poem 🌺


  2. “I feel like am in a brink of revelation this fleeting moment” this is the moment inspiration (or my muse or whatever) hits and I’m glad when I have my notebook and pen at the ready, sorry when I don’t.

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    1. Joan, am so glad you find inspiration in my poetry. That is the dream of any writer and particularly any poet. You just made me see experience that revelation myself. I guess we inspire each other in ways unimaginable! Please keep reading my poetry and I’ll strive to offer the best i can! Best regards!


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