images of a woman

When you wake up carrying a heart that is blank and ungiving,
When the last rays of hope have a sense of slithering evading,
As if purposely martyred or wronged by the whole of you,
But you realize there is no way you can survive such loss

When you seem to portray that speedy but exhausted mime,
Who makes a million speedy paces and only fritters away,
Only to take in the piercing reality that you are a wreck,
The biting experience is accompanied with the most crushing kind of tiredness

You have no inkling or foggiest idea how to free from that blank despair,
But in with the morning, as still as an airless world,
That carries with it an immense and humbling power,
With strange symbols that are blazing with a new meaning

The brightness falls from the sky escorted with the sweet scent of grass,
The blade of light working through your skin feels like it must be benign,
As if it contains hidden truths and brings a sense of revelation,
You trust it’s meaning inexplicably surrendering to its majestic delight,
And you realize that you are here and only here to celebrate such an instant,
Eyes closed, heart arching and lost in a state of trance…..away from this frozen world


10 thoughts on “A Wreck

      1. Ha!ha! Thank you for both compliments😀
        I miss blogging but still needing to clear my mind and focus on other things. I do browse from time to time and this poem caught my attention for how emotive and sad it felt. Being creative can be emotionally exhilarating but also draining. So here’s wishing you lots of musical sunshine. I find it peaceful to withdraw from time to time. Hope you smile today🎆🎈☀️

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      2. You are right, balance is essential in this life. And very right when you say composing poetry is both exhilarating and draining…but it gives a priceless peace that is out of this world! My best regards in all you do Chevvy…don’t forget to fill your soul with these pleasurable words once in a while!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thanks for your good wishes Kamunde. My experience is that when I’m passionate about something, I can so easily lose my balance. I am yearning to write but transitions in my life have to take first place but I think all will be well. Enjoy your day further. Best. Chevvy

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