moon 1

The moon sprayed quivering rainbows across the sky,
But the air was still and it carried with it a frightening feeling,
The night was cold and filled with whispering sounds,
As if it knew her dark secret… as if it saw right through her!

It was yet another unnerving episode of her life before her own eyes,
She felt like an actor as if she was playing a role in a big production,
And as blackness started to form beyond the moon and the stars,
She felt a frightened sweat trickle down her shivering face

The alarm she felt escalated into deep emotional fear,
How could the heavens form cahoots against her defenseless self?
Who would save her from this dreading feeling?
The dreading feeling that perhaps death was searching to cut her down!

She suddenly realized that this long distilled fear would turn lethal,
She did not want to plunge herself into the grasping greedy hands of darkness,
For there are many things that she still had to do…had to see,
She struggled to contain her racing heart,
Her inner voice and free spirit is what kept her alive,
Both defenses may be dishonored by another but can never be abased by her dark secret


13 thoughts on “Dark Secret

    1. Chevvy…am trying to shine some light and every time i write about here story…its just tragedy. I am intrigued by her story as well and i can’t wait to put her story to rest. Its like something in me comes and takes over…i can’t really direct the flow to a happy ending. And thanks Chevvy happy to hear from you as always! Best Regards

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      1. Yes, I guess art is not something to be controlled – the creative process has a soul of its own more so if it his coupled with an intuitive spirit. But I do see the traces of light that you cast on her spirit:-)

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      2. Yes indeed we are both – always on a road to discovery and more than we think and I can’t help but see you as a guide. Sometimes, I play that role too for others 🙂

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      3. You are speechless? ha! ha! I think even in fleeting moments, people play different roles for each other. But many aren’t looking so they do not see 🙂


      4. You sure are right…we seldom realize those roles. We mostly do when the episode is over! But thinking about it…its quite cool because we don’t need to act. Happy friends day Chevvy!

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