Emily Carr's Painting of Trees

The blades of light was golden or pellucid,
They penetrated through the branches and leaves,
And fell on her skin that seemed lithe graceful,
She sat under that old oak tree feeling plain and simple

The defining word of every emotion she felt eluded her,
The details of her childhood cruelties horrified her,
She had big brown eyes that compelled attention and revenge,
She yearned and craved to cast away that old spell that weighed heavily on her

She desired self-abasement and humility,
But her innate dignity is what kept her hoping,
A quality that was natural to her like feathers to a bird,
It was the dead solid truth like the tree where she sat

The day looked wounded covered with a bloody glow,
She hoped for the saturated gold perched twilight,
When she will make loveless love to calm her emotions,
That was her very own dark small triumph of its own kind,
When she would conceal her undisciplined emotions,
For the world had turned her to be a loner and a user


15 thoughts on “Erring Elegance

  1. Again, I find the word intriguing the best word to describe my response to this poem. There is a certain compassion in it but also a tragedy of sorts that leaves me feeling sad. But I guess good poetry does that – evokes an emotional reaction ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Chevvy, it is just an incredible honor having you appreciate my work. Am so glad and happy that you find it worthy to peruse through it all. I feel like you have discovered me finally and its just an exhilarating and peaceful feeling.

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      1. Ah! you make me feel like I’m a queen which I’m not. I consider myself a novice poet myself. I think I’ve improved since I started blogging and seeing other artist’s work. I learn from your work too. As I’ve said before, somehow your work resonates with me, your use of words, imagery etc. I agree that nature is the soul food for poetry. “so much in nature that we can find that is ours” Keep going ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. When you visit your innermost coloring you will find out that you are indeed a queen! Am so glad that you write and yearn to learn how to improve your gift. More so am happy to know that you have discovered what inspires you and that you write with purpose and intent….Elated that we are in this together…this journey of place of mystery!

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      3. Ha!ha! Well if you read my “about” page, you’ll know that I believe in soul connections and synchronicity. So maybe in a former life I was a queen ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, I have always believed in living my life with purpose and I’ve been lucky to cross paths with soulful people who have helped me enact that purpose. So our paths cross for a reason:-)

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