spirit and flight

The year has been filled with so many gifts,
It has been filled with so much wastage too,
But I sit bidding goodbye to what has been
In this moment I sit listening to the rhythm of my heart

It has been a test of strength and trouble,
Time has been and will always be,
But he who is able to control the past,
Surely will control the future

My expectant heart waits anxiously for a new dawn,
A new chapter that is filled with so much hope and anticipation,
There are many things that I yearn to achieve,
There are many endless opportunities that awaits my hand

The sounds of my heart relentlessly seek to free my soul,
From the trapping amber of this moment,
As I bid goodbye to what has made me whole and complete
And hope to fill and taste new things that I have never felt before,
In a garden of delicious perfume from the wild, free and beautiful flowers


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