Halloween crow

All naivety has been blown by the soft mountain winds,
All the innocence too, crushed with the ending of time,
My mind left with dark scars a reminder of what has been,
The world endowed with a cold cold sun

A gangling lingering feeling surrounds me,
Of a pattern so pure white as snow,
That raised my hopes and brought back my dead spirit,
Left me an experience that was beyond my expectation

My heart stays free and open,
A sense of slithering evading my body,
To what life has to offer with every novel day,
Though I remain free from any foggiest idea

Moving majestically like a ship we should,
Always guarded with a calm assurance,
That we are not locked in the old spell after all,
That while we are here we should celebrate the rain

Photo composition with full moon, part of a naked tree, cemetery, clouds and crow that can be used for halloween – added some digital grain


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