A child with a fundamental uneasiness,
Explores and discovers everything that beckons,
With a wide leering grin,
The beauty of just being pervade the heart

There are many choices that distorts my vision,
The many words that I must speak,
The many ways that I have to act,
The many rules that hide the truth from the eyes of my heart

But I rave and crave,
To hide the from the two-faced moment,
And choose to live, to see myself the way the universe intended,
To lose myself within the parenthesis of eternity

Love being the companion of my spirit,
Will save me from being a victim of needless suffering,
And embrace all that makes me whole and complete,
Be able to redeem all my spirituality,
And splendidly sing my heart’s meaning



3 thoughts on “Free Spirit

    1. Always a pleasure hearing from you! A beautiful life is one that you are true to yourself, not confined to the laid down customs that are often perceived to hold the truth. A free spirit is being faithful to what you are all about and celebrating you everyday!

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