Time is the making of mankind,
Meant to test the faith of those with belief,
Comes and takes over the remote of life,
Controls the past, the present and everything to come

But we are all trapped in this moment,
Snowed under by the deathly silent,
The cadence of the heart so intense,
As if trying to say something

Our skins crawls with an instant horror,
Of the dark scars that live within us,
The past filled with stabbing pain,
The past that’s no less deserving of any sympathy
We rave and crave for a sweet relief

The awe-inspiring moment is here with us,
That we may free ourselves from yesterday,
From the pain, the suffering and the guilt
To breath the scent of air that is so refreshing,
A constant reminder that we are vulnerable but lucky,
That we can view our lives the way we always hoped

Time never changes the vision in our hearts,
It is the sounds of the mind that can causes change,
We can shield our sanity with our defiant hearts,
Accept this golden moment and celebrate our lives
And wait to see what tomorrow brings and repeat it all over again!


4 thoughts on “Moment in Time

  1. This poem makes me want to weep somehow, there are a number of special lines I like here. One of them being: “An awe inspiring moment is here with us. Moments are pieces of time we can never retrieve if we don’t capture them – especially those awe- inspiring moments. Best. Chevvy

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