Aston kamunde

Where does the answer exist?
Is it the passion that nearly ran me blind?
No, it is not,
For it bled my heart,
A thousand scars evident of the dark presence,

The answer exists deep inside me,
I feel it every time I breathe,
When I open my eyes to a new day,
Every time I stretch out my hands to receive the gifts of a new day

I see it in the reflection of my mirror,
When I see a man with golden dreams,
Decorated with desires for dazzling heights,
A sense of competence and peace overwhelm me,

The man in the mirror seems to hold the key,
To my daily pursuit of fulfillment and the seemingly elusive happiness,
Away from the tangle of lies and empty promises,
Flowing and moving around all around me,

The man in the mirror knows the key,
To the mystery gate of unchaining…

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2 thoughts on “The man in my mirror

  1. Beautiful! That´s great that that man knows the key, I wish I knew it too;-)
    It´s a little self-love and acceptance that we all need and we should find it in ourselves, because everyone of us holds the key! Very, very beautiful! XO
    Oh and you told me to place a request for a poem, so I would love it, if you could write something about time. What exactly you´ll write, is totally your decision. It´s a wide topic and I´d love to hear what beautiful words you put in a row and sense…:-)

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