colours of love

Foolish chase of childhood dreams,

Artistic with delicious perfume,

Sweet but forbidden,

Strangely compelling


Eyes are looking and searching,

To lock the pattern,

Of superficial denials,

The web of hypocrisy


Waits, waits and waits for the hunter

To be cooled by a single touch,

Spread everywhere but hiding,

Uses a rare moment of surprise


Instantaneous choice between two evils,

Blind leading passion to a dark world,

Churns so heavy like a ship in a storm,

A battle that turns into duty


Everyone is entitled to paint,

Colors of love so alluring,

To claim a reconnection,

But they distort the visage,

They create a vagrant heart













10 thoughts on “Colors of Love

  1. Hello Kamunde, don’t mind me – I’m still catching up with your poetry. I wrote a poem once called “Color of my love” but mine was very different. I think someone used the word – ethereal to describe your poetry. I would agree. Even to this poem you bring an ethereal quality to it. Nicely done!

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    1. What a pleasure having you around Chevvy! And well i guess that’s the nature and quality of my poetry. Am so happy and glad that you find time to go through my work…its deeply humbling and a great honor. Thank you so much. Best regards!

      Liked by 1 person

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