beautiful sun

The wildness explodes all humble experiences,
It is the absolute heaven on earth,
It is the eroding allure of all hubris,
Hubris that forces all delicate defenses into paralysis,
But among the feral wild I have found my place,

The expectant clouds smile with favor,
In my solitude I can feel all the recovery
My heart daring to gain a new clear vision,
Am not afraid to desire, anticipate and hope once more,
For a new beginning that the murky clouds represent,

I want to feel free and guided like the trees,
That happily surrenders to the gifts of the day,
To feel unrestricted in my transparent and silent quest,
Like the river that is forever in search,
Of all new endless possibilities that lies ahead

At last when I lock my eyes,
I wish to give myself to the peaceful winds,
That holds all the promises of a rest,
In a garden that heaves with a rainbow of flowers,
Like a leaf that had seen the fullness of the sun..


5 thoughts on “Unrestricted nature

    1. That is the real authentic quality of a thought inspiring nature. Nature is a priceless gift whose quality is always unrestricted. Kind of teaches us so much…nature has always inspired artists since the beginning and it still does. We are born to protect and conserve it as much as we possibly can! Much regards once again Chevvy!

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