My imagination is all hope fulfilled,
It is my sensitive way out,
To an illicit rendezvous in the unknown,
To feel inundated, guided and secure

Time to time it feels like a lifetime coming,
To stick to the straight and narrow,
To seize promises my mind’s eye presents,
Of all I need, dream and hope for,

When the world snubs of all things,
My imagination frets and doves,
Rendering me vulnerable,
To a dark world decorated with harsh reminder,

What if failure is just but an illusion?
A constant and unending battle…
A creation by a maze of clever imagination
That only freedom will agree to unchain,
But by those who dare and defy,

Failure has proven its obsolescence,
It seizes to exist by one steeled by the many things,
Things that made one harden and beam again,
Things that force one forget but not quite,


7 thoughts on “Failure

    1. I have no words to explain the pleasure happiness, and joy you show in my work. I read your explanation and for the first time am lost for words! Thank you for sharing and thank you for making me feel this relevant!


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