Love life and a lasting smile on your face

The path of success is one lonely path,
It is diligence that keeps one going,
Just like the branches of a tree,
Each takes its own definite direction

I like to think that it is not the total,
Of dreams that one has been able to harness,
Or the illusions or fantasies that are finally beckoning,
But the many paces taken towards the ultimate destination,

It is the aptitude to recover,
From a heavy stench of frustration,
Overwhelming and almost suffocating,
That made one scared but hopeful,

Success is causing little but visible sparks,
Of light that is brighter than the balmy sunshine,
In a world with virtually no prospects,
That wakes feelings of strength and confidence,

It is that inner feeling of peace,
That rides one to dazzling heights,
To bath in own spotlight,
Being able to stand tall and proud,
Like the trees that embody all freedom

Love life and a lasting smile on your face


9 thoughts on “Texture of Success

  1. your words are so uplifting…if more of us could celebrate the little successes we have every day, I imagine we would feel a lot better about ourselves…

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  2. Hey Aston.
    as you might know, I love everything you write. You´re such an inspiration. Without you I probably would´ve never started writing my own poems…
    Anyways, I wanted to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You don´t need to do it if you don´t want to. It´s supposed to be fun. 🙂 But you´d definitely deserve it!
    Anyways, here’s my post about it:
    Have a great day! XO Little Sunshine

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    1. I am so humbled by your words. It is simply uplifting just to hear that i have a positive impact in your life. I am greatly honored and i am thrilled for the nomination! Thank you so much!

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