As a child I was lost in a safe assumption,
Of all innocence of life and endless possibilities,
Beautiful images that I would become one day,
Always colored my heart with joy
A constant anticipation of great gifts

All around me I was blinded by beautiful images,
Pain, sorrows and tears seemed so unreal,
I thought life was about happiness,
Each day to be lived with smile and laughter,
Loving, being loved seemed so natural

Then bit by bit I started growing up,
Then the thoughts started perishing with time,
And just like night after day,
I was alone with an unpleasant vulnerability
My innocence was severely damaged

I arched with a desire to relieve the tension,
Cold reality of the hypocrisy of the moment,
Struck me and left me numb,
Of a ghastly failure I might become,
Relics of my dark soul a reflection of the impending possibility,

Each day I ignore the fatigue, despair and pain,
As I strive to become a desirable member of my own kind,
To reach out and give the small gifts of life,
Embracing my own beautiful flaws,
With my unobtrusive eye am able to see,
A simple human who just needs to love and be loved


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