scary nature

With brutality and unashamed desire,
Your tentacles stings and penetrates,
Paralyzing all the delicate defenses,
Strangling away all ambitions and all anxiety,

With much joy and selfishness you seem to enjoy,
Crumbling and crippling all the sources,
That once made a healthy nation,
Planting seeds of sorrow and despair,

In their veins flows your poisonous venom,
The jinxed blood that enchains and fails our effort,
As we struggle to stride towards the horizon of prosperity,
You have made our destination an illusion in our minds,

We rave and crave for our freedom,
The flames of desire burning that feat of fear,
And with honesty being our willing accomplice,
We will free ourselves from the cruel hands of corruption,

Surely we will shine brightly like the stars we are!


4 thoughts on “Vindictive Dreary Monster

    1. Meant to write about the flaws in top leadership, can be anything like corruption, impunity and so on. But the beauty with poetry art is the ambiguity, you can interpret it the best way that suits you. Am glad you liked it, always great pleasure hearing from you!

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