My dreams were always so infallible,
I never imagined it would be a jargon,
To grab them in my hands,
But ahead of me they lie,
Like elusive mirages

When I was young I was colored by beautiful thoughts,
That I will grow up and live my fantasies,
I thought it was as easy as abc,
But in white and black,
That is real and more unreal,

If that’s the reality,
Then why do we dream?
Where did all my innocence go?
Why has it suddenly become so cold?
Why have I become so lonely?

My dreams have gone so far away and unreachable,
They become so hostile with every stride I make towards them,
But in my heart I can hear their faint call,
I have to be strong and make them a reality,
With a sense of determination and endurance,
I know I will make it,
Step by step I will reach there,
Step by step I will have them in the palm of my hands,
Step by step I have a lasting smile on my face,
Step by step I will live my dreams!


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