The weather is balmy and awfully beautiful,
Dazzling beauty that runs my eyes blind,
To the seemingly unnaturally textureless feeling from within,
Of a wreck, a shambles that my spirit has become,

All my defences are up and against,
To the grips of some kind of impending horror,
Instinctively alerting all my senses to the possibility,
Of indescribable horror of failure!

I will not be content to settle with what life has to offer,
There is so much I dream of, hope for, need and want,
And even though I have hit rock bottom and even sunk lower,
I have to bounce back and dove higher with vengeance,

I crave for the ocean; the rise and fall of the tides,
To ride in the crests of the waves and become invincible,
A quest for solitude that is so overwhelming,
For it represents an experience that is beyond dreaming,

Its agonizing to realize that life offers no second chances,
But does loving life mean i have to lose parts of myself?
When I am hopeless and in dire need of help,
My natural instincts will come and save me,
All i have to do is lose myself in them with enough faith!


8 thoughts on “My relentless Instincts!

  1. never give up! I love that your poem talks about the fears of failure and then soldiers on as the poet convinces himself to persevere regardless. The questions that the poem raises at the end and then answers makes for a brilliant and memorable finish 🙂

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