I wait with bated breath!
For a dollar to seal my blank unreflecting wallet,
And savoir all delicious foreign cuisine,
Own a mansion by the sea side,
Explore all the glorious places of the world,

Oh how my heart burns with a fiery desire,
Churning like the ocean during a storm,
In a relentless search of the indefinable dollar,
To ultimately buy and own happiness…OH!
A tremor of cold fear strikes through my spine!

My skin crawls from the instant horror!
No breath, no voice,
Just the impact of shocking realization!
That the dollar is my spirit’s hostle allay,
Can’t let go my ever loyal constant friend for the dollar!

The promises made by the talented dollar are awe-inspiring,
But never forget they are forbidden my mother says, though strangely compelling,
What is a man with an empty shell in the heart?
Clouded by a flavorless spiritless deceiving dough,
Away from a friend that offers small cold comforts even in stabbing despair,

But wait! I will hold the dollar with one hand!
And zealously defend my spirit with the other!
Because a little struggle adds colors to living,
Finding that missing word to lock my puzzle,
And discover all the hidden treasures that are too small to see!


10 thoughts on “That Dollar!

  1. That dollar has a lot going for it, but some of the words seem to be choices that are not quite accurate. It seems you chose them from the dictionary. For example, “And savoir all the delicious cuisine:. It seems you meant savor. There are several instances like this that, if you meant something else, it is what is called a ‘stumbling point’. That is meant as a helpful critique. I do not mean to offend.

    Brent Kincaid.


    1. No offense taken, in fact am happy you recognized that mistake and notified me. It is worthy having helpful critique. It makes one get a fine, top notch piece! Thank you for your insightful words Sir.


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