Questions seem to run over my mind,
As I walk in this familiar path,
That I have once again found myself,
It is a cruel mad world here,
But I walk knowingly for there is a world elsewhere,

In this path many have lost hope,
Desperation and despair seem to be the travelling companions,
It is a path where dreams seem to fight for their survival,
But I walk, steeled by the many things in life,

Sunlight dapples through the beautiful,
The light breeze softly whispering dark secrets,
That seduces all my senses,
Am calmed by the security herewith in,
Security that lovers seem to have in insubstantial,

Reality is patient and awaits for everyone,
And there is emptiness in life without a struggle,
My eyes behave with complete disregard of the prospects of failure,
With a smile I decide to court my fate,
For I know that luck is lucking with my smiling fate ahead!


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