Aston kamunde

I stand here in the moment in time,
Where time seems to stand still,
The sombre sky a reflection,
Of the sense of emptiness that I feel inside,

Golden moments were the days I had you,
Anticipation, anxiety filled the air around us,
The affection, the longing, the pain of love,
Are all gone with the shovel biting into the loose soil,

Desperately, I seek words of solace and comfort,
To allay the fears that are engulfing me,
My eyes unashamedly shed tears of pain,
For my body feels alone and sedated without you,

If I could employ a little magic,
I would bring you back again,
For we still have many things to do and to see,
To explore the adventures that are glorious and full of possibilities,

With much horror I feel the hand of death,
As I stand here losing all my sense of self preservation,

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